The Antelope Canyon Collection

A Huge Work

After a huge work, which has taken literally months, I’ve finally completed the post production of the last photos of my trip to the deserts of US South West.

I’m now very excited and proud to present one of my most challenging and so strongly dreamed works: The Antelope Canyon Collection.

It is a series of stunning images depicting the outstanding rock formations shaped by the winds, which can be admired only in the Slot Canyons. The images only apparently seem abstract pictures whilst, on closer inspection, you will clearly see countless details of the slow, relentless, patient, action of the Time and of the Nature.

Details and Textures

Each single shot was developed with meticulous care to preserve the details, each single pixel was treated and controlled to enhance its shades of color, each single texture was photographed again and again to highlight every detail of every single vein of rock.

Watch the video

Turn your speakers on. For a change, rather than in a gallery, I’ll propose these pictures as a slide show.

A different movie from the usual ones: this time is a vertical movie, accompanied by an exceptional soundtrack. A music piece written for this occasion by the great IKIRA (link) and titled “Canyon Atmosphere”. He wrote it instantly, off the cuff, while he was seeing the pictures for the first time, and listening to my tales, to the feelings that I experienced in the canyon, the voices brought by the wind and. accompanied by the song of the flute played by a native.

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About Riccardo Mantero

ricmRiccardo Maria Mantero, 1971, based in Italy, specialized in photography of landscape and travel reportages.

He has been published on a large number of online and traditional magazines, featured on the main photography sites and listed on renowned social media pages. Through several photographic techniques and his unique style, he produces huge luminous and rich prints with world famous places. His ultimate goal is to give the illusion to the observers of being physically inside of the photographed scenes due to the insane cure of the details and to their perspectives.

A curiosity about him? He doesn’t use the Photoshop suite for his works.

Limited Edition Prints


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Something unobtainable elsewhere

Everything was done with the ultimate aim to print something unobtainable elsewhere.

You can phisically feel the sensation to be there.  the color of the sun, the flying dust, the smell of the rock, and to make you feel as you were there, together with me, in the cool air of the canyon, breathing the hot sand of the desert.


Size: from 45×90, 60×120, 75×150, 90×180 up to the huge 120x240cm

Definition: Even the largest sized prints, being the photos taken at very high resolution will preserve a crazy definition even if observed from a few centimeters away.

Copies: Each work will be made available only in a limited and numbered 50 copies.

Frames: Frame and glass are handmade by Italian craftsmen in different flavours and colors, just contact us to request a customised one.

Paper: The Fuji Crystal DPII glossy photo paper exceeds the most demanding standards with extreme sharpness, brilliance and color luminosity.

Finish: A dark black mat will fill the gap between the photo and the frame to give to the main subject a three-dimensional depth

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Riccardo says

I’ve put all my passion, my effort and, not least, my love in each photo of this series, and I want to make something special in printing, too.

Some of them will in fact be printed on high-end fine-art quality photographic paper and finished with precious handmade frames by master craftsmen.

Will you be proud to have one of them in your house or in your office?